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Nissan Key Replacement Plantation FL

Lost the key to your Nissan? Our Nissan key replacement Plantation technicians are now available to assist! Whether you dropped your Nissan keys in the water drain, lost them at the mall or your dog chewed your key fob, our mobile Nissan key replacement technicians can make you a new one on the spot. 

When it comes to car keys our Nissan key replacement Plantation technicians are equipped with everything that is needed to get the job done. When you call us for your Nissan key or fob replacement we will be ready to solve your problem. Our mobile vans are fully stocked with many different Nissan keys for most models and we are able to make you a replacement Nissan key or proximity fob on the spot. 

No matter what time of the day or night, our Nissan key replacement Plantation technicians are always available!

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Nissan Key Replacement Plantation

Nissan Car key replacement services in Plantation

Our Nissan key replacement Plantation technicians also provide the following services:


  • Car Key Replacement Services
  • Car Key Programming
  • Car ECU / Computer diagnosis
  • Transponder Key Replacement Services
  • Professional Car Lock Re-Keying Services
  • Prompt Response Times
  • Motorcycle Keys
  • Ignition Repair & Replacement

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Understanding the difference between different type of Nissan Keys


Regular blade key – This key is a simple double sided nissan car key. It does not require any programming for the vehicle to start, and once the key is cut to the vehicle, it can be started. This key is common in the older Nissan vehicles and some newer (mostly commercial and basic models)


Note: The keyway may be different but most commonly it will be a DA31 or a DA34


Average cost of Nissan key replacement $99-$150*


Nissan Key Replacement Plantation - Regular Nissan Metal Key


Transponder Nissan Keys – These Nissan keys are equipped with an electromagnetic chip that needs to be programmed to the car computer in order for the vehicle to start. Simply cutting the key to the right pattern will open the doors and turn the car ignition lock cylinder but the vehicle will not start. This is the most common key apart from the proximity fobs which we will discuss below. 


Keyway: DA34

Chip:  PHILIPS ID 46 (may be different for your model)


Average cost of Nissan Transponder key replacement $125-$165*



Nissan Transponder Key - Nissan Car Key Replacement Plantation

Nissan Remote Head Keys – There are several different types that may fit your vehicle but generally speaking, these keys are equipped with a transponder ( a chip) and a remote attached to them. Depending on the year make and model, the keys may look the same or similar but will have a different chip and different FCC ID so always pay attention to the right part number. 


FCC ID: CWTWB1U751 (may be different for your model)

Chip:  PHILIPS ID 46 (may be different for your model)
Keyway: DA34


Average cost of Nissan remote key replacement $125- $189*



Nissan Remote Head Key - Nissan Key Replacement Plantation

Nissan Smart Keys – First and foremost, there are MANY different variations of Nissan smart keys! It is very important to provide us with the year, make and model of your vehicle so we can determine the right proximity fob for your model. All Nissan smart keys may look alike or very similar, however many of them are NOT cross compatible. The Nissan smart keys have proximity option which allows you to start the vehicle with a push of a button or twist the ignition knob when the key fob is detected in the vehicle. 


Average cost of Nissan smart key replacement: $175-$250*


(*) Prices may vary depending on market price and difficulties. 



Nissan Smart Key Replacement Plantation FL

If you have lost your Nissan key or FOB you may be asking some of the following questions:

Can Nissan replace my key?

Sure they can. However, the costs involved bringing the car to the dealership are much higher than hiring us to do the service on the spot. Additionally, the dealer will require you to tow the vehicle to them which is another unnecessary expense. Triton Locksmith Plantation technicians will come on site and make you a new key or fob on the spot. 

My Nissan key fob stopped working, do I need a new fob?

Maybe. First you should always check the battery in the fob and replace it. Simple way to check is; depress the start button with the tip of the fob where the Nissan Logo is located and see if the vehicle reacts if not, the fob normally takes a CR2025 or a CR2032 battery which you can purchase at almost any hardware store and even Walmart, Walgreens and CVS. If that is not the case and your vehicle has a slot for the key fob, try placing the key fob in the programming slot and press the start button to sync in the key information. If that’s not working, you may need a new fob. 

How much does it cost for a Nissan key replacement?

Please go over the prices above and you will get a general idea of cost. But it is always best to give us a call and provide us with the year and model of your vehicle and we will be able to provide you with the exact cost for a new Nissan replacement key. 


We provide key replacements to the following Nissan models:

200SX Juke Pathfinder
240SX Kicks Quest
350Z Leaf Rogue
370Z Maxima SE-R
Altima Micra Sentra
Armada Murano Titan
Cube Note Versa
Frontier NV Xterra
GT-R NX Xtrail


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car key replacement plantation flWe are always asked multiple questions and we love having the answer.

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What is the cost of car key replacement in Plantation FL?

The cost of a replacement car key will depend on the year make and model of your vehicle, and there is a quite big gap. For instance a key replacement for a 2011 Toyota Camry will run you at around $120 for a standard key. Now if you would like a remote key, the cost will increase roughly about $50. Now when we step into the European vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes – Benz and such, the cost can vary from $250-$499, all depending on the vehicle. It is always best to give us a call and ask one of our certified automotive locksmiths for a flat rate for your car key replacement.

Can you make a car key without an existing key?

 Absolutely! We are specialists at making car keys from scratch. There are several different methods of molding new keys and the most common one we use is by manually decoding the vehicle locks and fitting the key to it. Of course, that many car keys need to be programmed and if you would like to learn more about car key programming please visit our Car Key Programming Plantation Page

Can you make key fobs?

Yes we can. With technology evolving, more and more cars are equipped with keyless entry systems and we update our equipment all the time in order to keep up with the new systems.

How long does it take for car key replacement?

As far as arrival on site, we can have a car key replacement technician at your location within 30 minutes or less. As far as the actual labor, it really depends. Some vehicles are able to make a new key without a working key in 10-15 minutes, and other vehicles may take longer.

Can the dealership make a new key?

They certainly can. However by going to the dealer not only you will have to tow your vehicle to them and lose valuable time, but your cost will be more than double than hiring Triton Locksmith Plantation.

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