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Motorcycle Key Locksmith Plantation by Triton Locksmith

Lost the keys to your motorcycle? Our motorcycle key locksmith Plantation technicians are able to help! While many local locksmiths are hesitant with making keys for motorcycles, we have been doing them for years. Our motorcycle locksmith technicians are specifically trained in providing replacement keys for motorbikes. 

Making a motorcycle keys is delicate work, and it shall be done with no errors. Unlike most vehicles the components of motorcycle locks are much smaller, complicated and fragile. Our motorcycle key locksmith Plantation technicians are trained professionals in motorcycle key making. With special tools that are designed for motorbike lock decoding we are able to make replacement bike keys on the spot. 

Key extraction

At the event you unintentionally broke your motorcycle key in any compartment or lock cylinder we are able to extract the keys for you. Using special picks and key extractors we are able to get the broken key out and provide a replacement key.

On site service

Unlike your local motorcycle dealer, we do not require you to tow the motorcycle to us. We will come to the location where your bike is located and make the key on the spot. Once a motorcycle key replacement technician is on site, he will decode the locks, mold and cut a brand new key for you. While we are on site, it might be a good idea to consider making a spare key for your motorcycle. 

Motorcycle lockouts

Might sound odd right? Well not really. There are many instances where an individual will lock their motorcycle key in a compartment and now they are stranded, and if you do not have a spare, you may be in a big jam. Triton Motorcycle Key Locksmith Plantation technicians are able to come to your site, pick the lock and retrieve the keys. 

Motorcycle key duplication

Even though motorcycle keys are fairly easy to duplicate, not many locksmiths carry the key blanks for them. Triton Motorcycle Key Locksmith Plantation carries many motorcycle key blanks in their mobile locksmith shops at all times. So if you are interested in getting a copy, simply give us a call, provide us with the year make and model of your bike and we will ensure we have the blanks in stock.

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We’ve Making Motorcycle Keys For Over 10 Years

If you are in a hunt for a reliable motorcycle locksmith in Plantation FL, you have found your match. Give us a call today at (954) 994-2625 and we will take care of all of your motorcycle key issues. 

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Here are some of the more common questions we are asked about motorcycle key replacement.

Do I have to bring my motorcycle to you?

No, all the work is done on site. We will come to the location where the bike is located and mold a new key for it.

Will you have to change the ignition and locks?

In 9/10 cases the answer will be no. We are able to decode the motorcycle locks and create a working key for the motorcycle.

Can you cut a motorcycle key by the VIN number?

No. There is no database where we are able to pull a key code by the VIN number like we are able to with vehicles. 

Will anything get damaged in the process?

No. We are extremely careful when we make keys. Adittionally our decoders allow us to generate motorcycles keys with minimal to no disassembly.

Are you able to make a motorcycle key even if I don't have a key at all?

Yes, we do not need a working key in order to provide you with a replacement. We will create a key according to the locks on the bike. 

Client Testimonials

The locksmith did an amazing job, I have a foreign car . I called many places and they said they weren’t able to help me. But Triton showed up and took care of my situation swiftly. The prices are very reasonable. Thank you so much!

Netta G

The technician was prompt and completed the work in a professional manner. I will definitely recommend to others and use his services in the future if needed

Chris Feaster

Arrived about an hour after I called, was very polite and friendly and programmed a new key without having the old one

Phillip Conte

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