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Key Fob Replacement Plantation by Triton Locksmith

Stranded and need a new key fob made? Triton Locksmith Plantation is a key fob replacement specialist. We have a large inventory of key fobs in our mobile locksmith shops and we bring our services right to you. Our key fob replacement Plantation technicians are equipped with some of the best and latest scanners and car key fob programmers and we are able to get you going in no time. 

Why should you hire Triton Locksmith Plantation for all of your key fob replacement needs?

Besides being among the industry leaders when it comes to key fob replacement, we are locally owned and operated out of Plantation FL, our services are completely mobile therefore no towing is required we will come to you and our prices are more affordable than our local competitors. 


Keyfob Replacement Tips

Make sure you have at least two key fobs at all times. If you lose one the second fob will come in handy and you will not be stranded. Additionally, to make a spare in most cases is more affordable than a replacement since we are able to copy the information from the existing key.

1 .When getting a key fob replacement, you should get an additional fob. We already did the hard work and it is always easier and cheaper to make an additional copy.

2. Avoid going to the car dealer since naturally it is a lot more expensive to get a replacement key fob from a dealer opposed to a locksmith.

3. If you plan to buy a key fob online, feel free to contact us for information about programming and costs involved.

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We’ve Been Building For Over 10 Years

Our key fob replacement Plantation technicians work around the clock providing emergency services 24 hours a day 7 days per week. We carry a large inventory of key fobs in our mobile locksmith shops, so chances are we will have your key fob in stock. Don’t overthink this and do not go to the dealer. We will come to you and make you a new key fob on the spot for a fraction of the dealer cost.

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Let’s Answer Some Questions

We’re often asked many questions that pertain to key fob replacement. Here are some of the most commone questions.

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How do I get a new key fob for my vehicle?

Give us a call to (954) 994-2625 and speak directly to one of our key fob replacement Plantation technicians. We will ask you questions such as the year, make and model of your vehicle and in some cases we will also require the VIN number in order to find the correct part number that matches your car. You may ask the technician any question about the key fob replacement process. Additionally, we will be able to give you an exact cost for your key fob replacement.

How much does a replacement key fob cost?

The cost of a key fob replacement varies depending on the year make and model. Even if it’s the same brand the costs may vary. For example a 2014 Hyundai Genesis Sedan and a 2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe (2dr) use a different key fob. The sedan will cost around $189 for a new replacement and the Coupe will cost around $289 due to the cost of the FOB. It’s always best to give us a call and we will provide you with a flat rate.

Can I buy a key FOB online and have Triton Locksmith Plantation program it?

Absolutely. There are a few things you need to know before ordering a key fob online. Please make sure you get the correct FOB with a matching FCC and IC number. A simple way to go about it is to contact the dealer and get the part number by your car VIN number. Additionally, keep in mind that even though we are able to program key fobs that you provide and purchase online, we are unable to provide you with a warranty at the event the fob stops working down the road. If you purchase the FOB from us and get it programmed by one of our technicians, we will provide you with a warranty. 

How long does it take for key fob replacement?

As far as arrival on site, we can have a key fob replacement technician at your location within 30 minutes or less. As far as the actual labor, it really depends. Some vehicles are able to make a new key without a working key in 10-15 minutes, and other vehicles may take longer.

Can you make a key fob without an existing key?

Absolutely! We are specialists at making car keys from scratch. There are several different methods of molding new keys and the most common one we use is by manually decoding the vehicle locks and fitting the key to it. Of course, that many car keys need to be programmed and if you would like to learn more about car key programming please visit our Car Key Programming Plantation Page

Client Testimonials

The locksmith did an amazing job, I have a foreign car . I called many places and they said they weren’t able to help me. But Triton showed up and took care of my situation swiftly. The prices are very reasonable. Thank you so much!

Netta G

The technician was prompt and completed the work in a professional manner. I will definitely recommend to others and use his services in the future if needed

Chris Feaster

Arrived about an hour after I called, was very polite and friendly and programmed a new key without having the old one

Phillip Conte

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