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Is your front door, interior door or commercial storefront door giving you a hard time? Tritons door repair Plantation technicians offer a full commercial and residential door repairs. Many things can cause your doors to malfunction, our technicians are experts in restoring them to operate as if they were new.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to secure your property due to a faulty door, you came to the right place! Triton Locksmith offers around the clock emergency door repairs. Whether you are dealing with a break in and the door jamb is broken, or the locks have been tampered with and now the door is unable to close, or even if your door completely fell off (we’ve seen that too), Our team offers around the clock emergency door repair services.

Reasons why you may need a door repair service


door repair plantation

Door won’t close

If your door does not close properly, it could be caused by several reasons. If it’s your front door that does not close properly, it is important to address the issue sooner than later, after all it is your home or place of business and you should keep it safe at all times. 

Before you proceed with repairing the door yourself you should identify the problem ahead of time, but if you hire our door repair services, our door repair Plantation technicians will identify the issue on site.

door hinges repair plantation fl

Faulty door hinges

If the door hinges are loose or damaged, it will cause the door to get out of alignment which will result in the door not closing properly. Open your door, inspect the hinges and check for any loose screws or damaged hinges. If the hinges look and operate well, move on to the next.

broken door latch

Door latch repair

Many times the door latch fails over time. Years of wear and tear will cause the door latch to lock and it will no longer retract and will prevent the door from closing properly. You can purchase a door latch from us or at a local hardware store. If you do not have the right tools or feel more comfortable hiring a professional door repair service feel free to give us a call and one of our door repair Plantation technicians will come over to take care of the issue. 

door hinges replacement plantation fl

Strike plate repair

Check the alignment of the strike plate on the door frame and make sure it aligns with the door knob / handle latch as well as the deadbolt. If it does not, adjust it to match them. At the event where you are unable to perform such repair on your own, you can always contact Triton Locksmith Plantation and our door repair experts will repair or replace the door strike for you.

door jamb repair plantation fl

Door jamb repair

At the event your door jamb is damaged or cracked due to a forced entry or just due to age and natural elements, it might need to be replaced. Replacing a door jamb is not something we would recommend to an average person since many specialty tools and skills are required in order to replace a door jamb properly. 

door threshold repair plantation

Door threshold repair & replacement

If your door threshold is giving you problems, it may be loose or due to water damage the threshold is bulging upwards and is preventing your door from operating properly, you may need to repair or replace it. Once again, unless you are very handy and have the tools that are needed to repair and replace the door threshold, we would suggest hiring a door repair service to do the job properly. Triton Locksmith door repair Plantation team can come by, diagnose the door, and provide the necessary repairs on the spot. 

The mentioned above are some of the most common issues that will require a door repair service though there are many other reasons such as termite damage, forced entry, faulty installation, and others we will not discuss for the sake of the longevity of the page. If you have any questions abou your door problems, please feel free to contact one of our door repair Plantation technicians at 954-994-2625

commercial storefront door repair plantation FL

Commercial & storefront door repairs

Commercial door repairs include all of the above, plus additional components that will need to be addressed. Commercial doors include different types of hardware such as dead latches, hook bolts, door pivots, panic bars, rim cylinders and many more parts that can go bad and require repairs by a professional door repair technician. 

We would not recommend anyone who is not an expert or at least somewhat experienced with commercial door hardware

sliding glass door repair plantation fl

Sliding Glass Door Repair

When talking about door repairs we can not neglect the patio sliding glass doors. Many of us use the sliding glass door multiple times per day. After all, this is Florida, and we all love the outdoors year round. A faulty sliding glass door can become quite a challenge. Sliding doors can fall off the track, get stuck, feel bumpy while opening and / or closing them, and they can also fall out of alignment and not lock. Our team is able to repair any sliding glass door whether it’s the standard aluminum, vinyl or hurricane impact door. Our door repair Plantation team offers full sliding door repair services. 

If you are in need of a patio door repaired, call us at 954-994-2625 and we will send a door repair specialist to your home. If you would like to read more about our sliding glass door repair services, hop over to the sliding glass door repair service page. 

The door repair experts at Triton Locksmith Plantation are able to repair almost any door. If you are in need of immediate emergency door repair service, or simply have any general questions about how we operate and what our services include, simply give us a call at 954-994-2625 and speak directly to a door repair professional. 


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