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Locked out of your car? Need a new replacement car key? Triton Automotive Locksmith Plantation is here for you!

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Triton Automotive Locksmith Plantation technicians are specialists in resolving car locksmith issues. Whether you are locked out, need a new car key made or a key programmed, our automotive locksmith specialists will handle any situation in no time. 

Triton Automotive Locksmith Plantation technicians are equipped with some of the best and latest equipment that is required to resolve car locksmith needs. Our emergency mobile locksmith shops are neat, stocked with many keys, fobs, key cutting machines, car key programming scanners and many tools that are needed to get the job done right in only one visit. 

automotive locksmith plantation fl

Our extensive list of automotive locksmith equipment allows us to do more than a standard locksmith technician will do. If you have a no-start problem and called multiple mechanics and locksmiths that were not able to figure out the problem, give us a shot and chances are that we will get your vehicle running again.

Triton Automotive Locksmith Plantation offers services around the clock. So whether you are locked out of your car at 10pm or need a new car key replacement at 6am so you can head on to work, we got you covered. With multiple automotive locksmith units serving Plantation FL and the surrounding area, we are able to arrive quickly and provide you with the best prices possible.

Our Automotive Locksmith Services in Plantation FL

  • Car Unlocking
  • Car Trunk Unlocking
  • Car Key Copies
  • Car Key Programming
  • Car Key Replacements 
  • Lost Key Replacement
  • Key Repair 
  • Ignition Repair
  • Key Fob Replacement 
  • Car Key Programming
  • Vehicle Diagnosis
  • ECU Matching & Programming 
  • VIN Matching For New Modules

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Car Key Replacement

Lost the keys to your car? The dealership wants to charge you too much money? Triton Automotive Locksmith Plantation can make you a new key on site!

Car Key Programming

If you bought a key online or need us to provide you with a new key or a fob. With state of the art equipment, we are able to program almost all car keys and fobs!

Car Unlocking Service

Locked the keys in the car and now you are stranded? Triton Automotive Locksmith Plantation is able to unlock any vehicle regardless of the year make and model!


We have answered thousands of questions over the years, and as your teachers probably told you before “there is no such thing as a stupid question!”

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What do automotive locksmiths do?

Not only do automotive locksmiths retrive keys from locked cars, they also make new keys, program transponder keys and fobs as well as repair ignitions & locks.

Can automotive locksmiths make a key without a key?

Absolutely! A big portion of our daily services is assisting clients when they have lost all the keys to their vehicle. Of course some are more difficult than others, but we do make replacement keys even when all keys are lost.

How much does it cost to get a key without the original?

The cost of replacement car keys will depend on the year make a model of the vehicle. Most standard key replacement will cost between $120-$250. It is always best to give us a call and get a flat rate for a car key replacement.

Can a locksmith reprogram a car key?

A skilled automotive locksmith can cut, program and reprogram car keys. However, some car keys get locked if they have already been programmed to a vehicle, and they can only be reprogrammed if they are unlocked with a special set of tools.

Can you hotwire a car that has a transponder chip?

We do not advocate any car theft whatsoever, you may hotwire a car but if it is equipped with a transponder chip you will not get far, if anywhare at all. Adittionally, most car ignitions have a steering lock and even if you hotwire the vehicle your destination better be by only driving straight.

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